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About MGG Farms

smokeless, tasty fish for your stomach's delight

Welcome to MGG Farms
Established in 2008, MGG Farms has been a cornerstone in the agricultural industry, committed to providing top-quality agricultural products and services.

MGG Farms is a registered entity with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), with Registration Number 3660715.

We make true our promise to provide healthy agricultural produce free of smoke taste, to your tongue’s delight.


Our Values

Customer Focus and Satisfaction

At MGG Farms, we are dedicated to delivering constant and high-quality products and services to our customers. Our focus is not just on meeting their needs but exceeding expectations.

Providing Unique Value... Always

MGG Farms is committed to providing a unique value proposition that is focused on smokeless fish, long shelf-life products and nutritious proteins for you.


In a world of ever-changing demands and expectations, adaptability is key. MGG Farms prides itself on its ability to keep up with the dynamic nature of customer requirements.

Passionate and Empowered Employees

Our success is driven . At MGG Farms, we foster a work environment where every team member is encouraged to make decisions and contribute to the growth and management of the company.